Thursday, January 21, 2010

Taoyuan International Airport

You can find lots of interesting gifts at the airport.

Taiwan Pineapple Cakes
Green Tea

More Streets View of Taipei

On the 2nd evening, managed to sneak out of the hotel and took more street photos.
It's quite easy to get lost for a first-timer in Taipei.
Not to take any chances, I took hotel's map to navigate around the streets in between the buildings that look like a maze to me.
The sky turned dark quite early at around 430pm.
The streets will be totally dark by 7pm ad won't be safe to travel alone.
The road signs are in Chinese so its better also to memorise the landmarks .

View from hotel balcony

Photos captured from the hotel's balcony, ~ early morning 830am.

Notice the temperature reading on top of building is a cool 13 deg celsius!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Shilin Night Market

Shilin night market

You can easily find lots of fashion wears, bags, pet shops.
Not forgetting the small eatries and fruits stalls at the roadsides.
You will find unusual gift shops if you are alert.
If you are cold , can find a sweater here at around NT$300 (~S$15).

Shower & Washroom

Built-in glass shower room and bath-tub.
Toilet seat with fully automatic wash, clean & dry functions.

Arrival at Taipei's Capital Hotel

We arrived at the 5-stars hotel around 545pm, 20 Jan 2010.

Hotel's fittings include 1 LCD TV, 1 Study table, 1 Laserjet Printer,
1 smoking balcony and 2 single beds.